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Compressor with oil-free compressed air

with a working pressure of 10 bar and a filling capacity of 200 l/min. The suction capacity is 330 l/min and the power is 2.2 kW/230 V. The tank has a volume of 3 litres and the weight is 32 kg. The scope of delivery includes the compressor in the chassis, the boiler, a pressure switch with automatic shut-off, a boiler pressure manometer and a pressure regulator with manometer.

Technical data:

Operating pressure

Filling capacity

Intake capacity


Container volume


10 bar

200 l/min

330 l/min

2,2 kW/230 V

3 l

32 kg

Scope of delivery:

Compressor in chassis


Pressure switch with automatic shut-off

Boiler pressure gauge

Pressure regulator with manometer


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