20,36 / kg

delivery time: 1-2 Days

isolera FLK 1K is a one-component, stable, high crack-bridging, bitumen-free, anhydrous and solvent-free special coating based on special polymers. The product is moisture-reactive and hardens without bubbles. isolera FLK 1K is therefore almost never challenged by weather conditions. It is used for the construction of building external waterproofing of buildings in areas in contact with the earth. The product is suitable for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces. In addition, FLK 1 can be used as an intermediate seal (under cement floors) for floor slabs, balconies and terraces as well as for the bonding of rigid foam insulation panels. The material adheres to all dry and slightly damp, mineral substrates, as well as on bituminous substrates, for the use of all detail waterproofing and roof waterproofing over non-inhabited areas.

2 x 7,0 kg

FLK 1 K Factsheet

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