Injection cream

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isolera injection cream is a highly concentrated, ready-to-use, silane-based, aqueous injection cream. In masonry, it leads to the hydrophobisation of the capillaries and penetrates into the finest capillaries.

isolera injection cream is used for subsequent injection against capillary rising damp. Due to its special formulation with a high active ingredient content, it can be used up to moisture penetration levels of 95%. Due to its cream-like consistency, the cream can be applied without time-consuming preparatory work, such as filling cavities.

Tested and certified according to WTA.

isolera injection cream can be applied almost without pressure using 1C injection equipment or compressed air syringes with injection lances. Injection into the boreholes is carried out from the back to the front. To do this, the injection lance is inserted to the end of the borehole and when the injection gun is actuated, it is slowly pulled out of the borehole. Make sure that the borehole is completely filled. In case of a double row borehole, the injection starts at the lowest row of boreholes.

Technical data injection cream:
Base: resin/silane combination
Colour: white
Working temperature: from +5°C – +35°C
Density: approx. 0.85 g/cm3
Consistency: pasty
Solids content: approx. 85
Consumption: depending on wall thickness

Delivery form:
5 kg / 10 kg


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