injection resin I 400 PLUS

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isolera injection resin I 400 Plus is a two-component, water-reactive, phthalate-free, foaming and elastic injection resin. When in contact with water, the material reacts and forms a fine-cell elastic foam; when no water is present, isolera Injection Resin I 400 Plus reacts to form an elastic solid resin. It combines two injection resin systems in one product (foam and solid resin).

Injection resin I 400 Plus is used for the sealing injection of cracks, joints, crevices and fissures. Typical areas of application include building restoration, tunnel construction, mining and special civil engineering.

Delivery form:
1 kg (0.5 kg component A, 0.5 kg component B).
10 kg (5 kg component A, 5 kg component B)



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