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isolera Injection Resin I 400 Plus is a two-component, water-reactive, phthalate-free, foaming and elastic injection resin. When in contact with water, the material reacts and forms a fine-cell elastic foam; when no water is present, isolera Injection Resin I 400 Plus reacts to form an elastic solid resin. It combines two injection resin systems in one product (foam and solid resin).

Area of application
isolera Injektionsharz-I 400 is used for the sealing injection of cracks, joints, crevices and fissures in structural and civil engineering. Typical areas of application are e.g. tunnel construction, mining and special civil engineering. In addition, isolera I 400 can be used for grouting injection hoses.

The resin can be processed via 1K injection equipment.

Delivery form:
1 kg (0.5 kg component A, 0.5 kg component B)
10 kg (5 kg component A, 5 kg component B)

NOTE: From August 24, 2023, appropriate training must be provided prior to industrial or commercial use.
Online training:



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