Lamella drive-in packer 6/40

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Lamella drive-in packer 6/40

The lamella drive-in packer 6/40 is ideal for filigree injection work with a small drill hole and is suitable for crack and cavity injection on clinker and tiles on floors and facades. The polymer lamella drive-in packer is compatible with various materials such as acrylic dispersion, epoxy resin and polyurethane resin. In addition, it is also very suitable for pressure impregnating wood and treating it with wood preservatives or using epoxy resin to strengthen wood. With a drill hole diameter of 6 mm and a free passage of 3 mm, the lamella drive-in packer is suitable for delicate work. There are additional versions with a cone nipple M6 or flat head nipple made of steel.


for drill hole 6 mm

free passage: 3 mm

additional variants with cone nipple M6 or flat head nipple made of steel