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isolera liquid plastic is a highly elastic, hybrid polyurethane liquid plastic for permanent waterproofing indoors and outdoors. The product is easy to apply with only two coats. It is waterproof, UV-resistant and weatherproof. With short curing times and high flexibility, it offers a durable solution.
The use of a primer is not necessary. Isolera liquid plastic can be used on a variety of substrates and has excellent adhesion, even on damp and old surfaces. Isolera liquid plastic is open to diffusion and has excellent resistance to chemicals.

Areas of application for the liquid plastic:

Flat roofs, canopies, garages, carports, balconies, skylights, eaves, gutters, joints, connections, wall connections, chimney connections, wooden structures, fencing rooms, skylights, skylight domes, garden sheds, hall roofs, detail connections, structural elements, concrete construction, dry construction, cement boards, PU foam waterproofing, etc.

Suitable substrates for liquid plastic:

Concrete, screed, sanded bitumen membranes, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, tiles, aluminium, steel, zinc, copper, brass, painted surfaces, PVC, polyester, PMMA (Plexiglas), polyurethane, etc.

Preparation of the substrate:

The surface must be clean, dry and free from release agents.The soil moisture content must not exceed 8% and the compressive strength of the substrate must be at least 25 MPa. The cohesive bond strength should be at least 1.5 MPa. New concrete elements must dry for at least 28 days. Remove old coatings, dirt, grease, oil, dust and organic substances. Any cracks and gaps must be closed with a suitable PU sealant. In case of cracks and gaps, it is recommended to apply a synthetic fleece. To do this, apply a layer of isolera liquid plastic, roll the fleece into the still damp liquid plastic and coat with a second layer of liquid plastic.

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