Crack monitor


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With the crack monitor you have a reliable tool at hand to measure changes and displacements of cracks and joints. With the help of regular photos, you can quickly and accurately document the changes in crack and joint widths. The crack monitor is easy to mount and can be fixed either with suitable adhesive or the enclosed stainless steel screws.

By precisely measuring changes and displacements of cracks and joints, you can detect and rectify potential problems in buildings or other structures at an early stage.

Using the crack monitor is simple and effective. By placing the crosshairs over the line scale on the crack or joint, you can measure the changes in direction and size. Regular documentation of the measurement results enables you to detect changes at an early stage and react appropriately.

1 x crack monitor
4 x stainless steel screws DIN 7981 4.2 x 32 mm
4 x stainless steel washers 4 x 12 mm
4 x dowels 6mm


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