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Epoxy resin for the repair of cracks in floors in combination with screed clamps

isolera injection resin I 101 is a solvent-free, unfilled and unpigmented 2-component reactive resin based on epoxy resin for force-fit closing of cracks in screed and concrete and for grouting of joints.

isolera I 101 (low emission) is a low viscosity, unfilled, non-pigmented (not coloured) 2-component injection resin with high surface gloss. The injection resin meets the latest technical standards, the formulations are free of nonylphenol and the standard version is free of benzyl alcohol. In addition, legal requirements such as VOC (organic solvent) content are far undercut and therefore the requirements according to the AgBB – scheme are fulfilled, taking into account the DIBt guideline.

The application areas are on mineral concrete and screed substrates in industrial and production halls, cellars and storage rooms, in the food industry, department stores, hospitals, etc. isolera I 101 is a universally applicable injection resin. I 101 is vapour diffusion-proof and can therefore only be used on substrates with a max. residual moisture of 3%, in case of double application with intermediate drying up to 5% residual moisture is possible (no pressing moisture).

Cracks and dummy joints must be widened with the flex disc and transverse cuts made approx. every 20 cm. In case of sagging of the epoxy resin in the joints, sufficient material must be added fresh in fresh within 30 min.

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0.5 kg (0.333 kg comp. A, 0.166 kg comp. B) in kneading bag
1.0 kg (0.666 kg comp. A, 0.333 kg comp. B) in a kneading bag



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