Resource conservation

We are aware that we operate in an industry where it is a challenge to contribute to environmental protection. Both in building renovation and in the shipping of our products from the online shop, it is not so easy to implement this topic.

But we are also trying to do something about it. Our commitment to a more sustainable future is reflected in our use of reusable packaging. We actively work to reduce waste and conserve resources by giving used cartons and fillers a second use.

Do you have used cardboard boxes that you no longer need? No problem! We offer you the opportunity to drop them off with us or even collect them directly from you.

Learn more about an environmentally friendly initiative and how you can participate in a cardboard recycling programme. Visit to find companies in your area that accept and reuse packaging material. Feel free to find out more.

One of our other measures is to regularly collect and reuse fillers for packaging from a local company.

The company gets these materials from deliveries it receives itself and makes them available to us. Through this cooperation, we not only minimise waste, but also make our online trade more environmentally friendly.

Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our business without sacrificing quality and protection for your products. By reusing, we not only minimise waste, but we also conserve resources and minimise waste.

Together we can minimise waste, anything that doesn’t need to be produced again helps,

Thank you for your support!