Bath sealing tape

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The SK bathtub sealing tape is a high-quality and reliable sealing tape that is used when renovating bathrooms and installing new showers or bathtubs.

To protect the building fabric from damage caused by moisture and water, correct sealing of showers and bathtubs is particularly important. Here, the SK bathtub sealing tape offers an optimal solution. It has a fleece coating on both sides and a self-adhesive butyl strip that enables a secure seal. Thanks to its special elasticity, it adapts perfectly to any surface and thus reliably protects against water and moisture penetration.

The tub sealing tape is particularly resistant and, thanks to the included capillary protection strip made of smooth NBR rubber, prevents the permanently elastic seal from running behind. In addition, the fleece coating enables an excellent bond with all waterproofing materials used under tiles.

To ensure a durable and reliable seal, correct application of the tub joint tape is particularly important. The surface to be worked on should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased to ensure optimum adhesion of the sealing tape. Then cut the tub sealing tape to the desired length and apply it along the corners and edges of the shower or bathtub. A light press creates a secure bond between the sealing tape and the underlay.

It is an excellent choice for anyone requiring a reliable seal for showers and bathtubs as it is easy to use and of high quality.

Width: 100 mm
Length: 3.00 m / 4.00 m / 10.00 m



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