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Decoupling membrane for bonded waterproofing under ceramic coverings

Double-sided fleece-coated, highly tear-resistant and water vapour retardant waterproofing membrane with good adhesion to cementitious thin-bed mortars and liquid composite waterproofing materials such as polymer dispersions, flexible sealing slurries and reaction resins. The membrane is easy to apply and is particularly suitable as a quick waterproofing and decoupling measure. Resistant to ageing and alkalis.

As a waterproofing and decoupling membrane on balconies and terraces as well as wooden floorboards and wooden chipboards under ceramic coverings. Substrates such as heated and unheated screeds, concrete, mastic asphalt screeds, dry screeds, old solid ceramic coverings, masonry, aerated concrete and plaster as well as plasterboard and gypsum fibre pallets.

Technical data:

Application temperature: from +5°C
Layer thickness: 0.5 mm
Width: 1 m
Roll length: 15 m
Total weight: 350g/m
Barrier film:Polyethylene
Equivalent air layer thickness sd: 90m

For further information, please refer to the technical data sheet!


technical data


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