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Elastogum, solvent-free, silicone-compatible liquid film for highly flexible sealing under ceramic coverings in damp rooms. Ready-to-use, brushable, trowelable and rollable surface waterproofing based on special plastics. When set, elastogum is waterproof and silicone-compatible. Fast drying and odourless. For secure bonded waterproofing under ceramic coverings in damp areas on the side facing the water (positive side). It is used to protect moisture-sensitive substrates. Approved for wall surfaces in interior areas subject to high stress.

The substrate must be solid, load-bearing and level, as well as free from oil, grease, dust and continuous cracks. Additional crack sealing may be required (please consult us). No moisture-sensitive substrates are permitted for heavy-duty use. First, the substrate must be pretreated with isolera primer. Under no circumstances should unevenness in the substrate be levelled with the sealant; it must be levelled with suitable products before carrying out the waterproofing.


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