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High-quality sealing membrane DB for reliable protection

Reliable sealing is essential for the long-term protection of building components. The fleece-coated sealing membrane DB offers an excellent solution here. Thanks to its high-quality coating on both sides, it is tear-resistant and prevents the penetration of moisture and water vapour. The very good adhesion to various substrates is particularly convincing. This makes the waterproofing membrane ideal for use under tiles or on balconies.

Quick application for immediate waterproofing

A particular strength of the waterproofing membrane is its ease of application. It can be used for quick waterproofing, as it protects immediately. Even when exposed to high levels of wetness and moisture, the waterproofing membrane remains reliable and resistant to ageing. In addition, it is resistant to alkalis and can therefore also be used on corresponding substrates.

Suitable substrates and applications

The waterproofing membrane is suitable for various substrates, such as heated and unheated screeds, concrete, masonry, aerated concrete and plaster of mortar groups II, III and IV as well as plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard. It is ideally suited as a waterproofing under ceramic coverings under high stress and as a waterproofing membrane on balconies and terraces. Thanks to the general building authority test certificate in the bond, high quality is guaranteed.

Versatile use

Due to its excellent properties, the sealing membrane can be used in many areas. For example, as a sealing membrane on balconies and terraces to protect them from moisture and humidity. It is also suitable for use as a sealant under ceramic coverings, especially when exposed to heavy loads. The high resistance to ageing and alkali makes the sealing membrane a reliable solution that offers long-term protection.

Easy to apply

The sealing membrane is easy to process and can be applied quickly and without complications. This means that a quick seal can be achieved that provides immediate protection. Thanks to the good bond adhesion to various substrates, a secure and reliable waterproofing is guaranteed. Even when exposed to high levels of moisture and humidity, the waterproofing membrane remains reliable and resistant to ageing.

General building authority test certificate available

Thanks to the general test certificate from the building authorities, the high quality of the sealing membrane is guaranteed. It has been extensively tested and meets all requirements for reliable sealing. This makes the sealing membrane a safe and durable solution that offers long-term protection.


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