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Elastic inside corner DB, fleece-coated on both sides, for permanent sealing of inside corners in combination with sealing systems under ceramic coverings. With its watertight and permanently elastic properties, it provides a reliable seal that lasts even under heavy moisture loads.

The inside corner DB consists of a special plastic film coated on both sides with a fleece. This material combination results in an excellent bond with all waterproofing materials used under tiles, such as polymer dispersions and mineral flexible sealing slurries as well as reaction resin waterproofing. Thus, the inside corner DB is suitable for use in different waterproofing systems and offers maximum flexibility in the selection of the appropriate system.

The inside corner DB is particularly suitable for use in damp rooms such as bathrooms, showers or swimming pools. It is suitable for all moisture exposure classes and provides a reliable seal that will hold up even under heavy moisture loads. A resistance table is available.

To ensure an optimal seal, the substrate should be carefully prepared before laying the inside corner. The substrate must be firm, load-bearing and largely level. Dirt from oil, grease or other separating agents must be removed. Gravel pockets and cavities as well as unevenness must be levelled out with suitable products. A suitable isolera primer must be applied to the substrate to be sealed in order to improve the adhesion of the inside corner DB and to ensure an optimal seal.

All in all, the Interior Corner DB offers a reliable and flexible solution for sealing interior corners under ceramic coverings. With its waterproof and permanently elastic properties, its high compatibility with different waterproofing systems and its easy application, it is the ideal choice for use in damp rooms.

Fields of application:

As a permanently waterproof sealant for corners under ceramic coverings in bonded waterproofing systems. For all moisture exposure classes. Resistance table is available. Use in bonded waterproofing on balconies, loggias and arcades according to DIN 18531, in interior rooms according to DIN 18534 as well as in tanks and basins according to DIN 18535.


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