Elastic slurry 2C


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Isolera elastic slurry 2 C: Flexible waterproofing slurry for mineral substrates.

Isolera elastic slurry 2 C is a high-quality waterproofing slurry that is characterised by its flexibility, crack-bridging properties and adhesion to mineral substrates. The slurry can be easily applied by brush, spray or trowel and is ideal for concrete surface protection and structural waterproofing.

Waterproof and ageing resistant

Thanks to its excellent properties, Isolera elastic slurry 2 C is absolutely waterproof after curing, open to vapour diffusion, resistant to frost and ageing, and impermeable to chlorides according to DIN 4030. It is also resistant to concrete-aggressive influences.

Suitable for various substrates

The waterproofing slurry is suitable for substrates with sufficient strength, such as heated and unheated screeds, concrete, masonry, aerated concrete and plaster of mortar groups ll and lll. It is suitable for waterproofing under ceramic coverings with moderate stress for moisture stress classes A0 and B0 according to the ZDB leaflet Composite Waterproofing of the ZDB as well as high stress corresponding to stress classes A and B according to abP AIV-F for wall and floor surfaces in interior and exterior areas.

Versatile application

Isolera elastic slurry  2 C can also be used for waterproofing interiors for water exposure classes up to W3-I according to DIN 18534. It is also perfectly suited for waterproofing swimming pools and water tanks of solid construction according to DIN 18535 indoors and outdoors in water action class W1-B up to 5 m water depth. In addition, it is also suitable for the interior waterproofing of basements under negative water pressure.


Therefore, Isolera elastic slurry 2 C is a flexible, high-quality waterproofing slurry for mineral substrates. It offers excellent crack bridging, adhesion and is waterproof, open to vapour diffusion, frost and ageing resistant. The slurry is suitable for various substrates and has versatile applications such as concrete surface protection, structural waterproofing, interior waterproofing of basements and waterproofing of swimming pools and water tanks.

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Component A: 20 kg bag
Component B: 10 kg canister


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