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Reliable sealing with elastic external corner DB under ceramic coverings

The elastic external corner DB is the perfect solution for the permanent sealing of external corners in combination with sealing systems under ceramic coverings. The product offers excellent waterproofing and permanent elasticity to ensure that moisture does not penetrate the underlying layers.

Special plastic film with fleece coating on both sides

The external corner is made of a special plastic film with a fleece coating on both sides, which provides an excellent bond in combination with all sealing materials used under tiles, such as polymer dispersions and mineral flexible sealing slurries as well as reaction resin sealants. This enables reliable sealing of corners under ceramic coverings in bonded waterproofing systems, regardless of the moisture exposure class.

Resistance table is available

A resistance table for the external corner is available. The special combination of materials ensures that it remains permanently flexible and therefore provides an excellent seal.

Simple installation with flexible external corner

The external corner DB is easy to install. Thanks to its flexibility, it adapts easily to the corners and provides a seamless seal. The fleece-coated surface on both sides facilitates bonding with other waterproofing layers and enables easy installation.

External corner DB: Reliable and durable waterproofing solution

Overall, the external corner is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable solution for sealing external corners under ceramic coverings. With its excellent sealing properties and ease of use, it is an ideal choice for any application.


The corner is silicone-compatible, so there is no risk of bleeding through. Thin-bed mortar and coatings can be applied directly in the bond. We recommend carrying out a compatibility test before applying other products. Soiling from oil, grease or other release agents must be removed.


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