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Sealing tape DB for secure sealing under tiles and ceramic coverings

Effective sealing under tiles and ceramic coverings requires high-quality materials. The fleece-coated sealing tape DB is ideally suited for this purpose. It not only has a high tear resistance, but is also water vapour retardant. In addition, it has excellent adhesion to cementitious thin-bed mortars and liquid composite sealants, such as polymer dispersions, elastic sealing slurries and reaction resins.

Easy application of the sealing tape

The simple application of the sealing tape enables a quick and uncomplicated installation. It is easy to cut and embed and thus offers problem-free processing. By overlapping the sealing tapes by at least 5 cm, even uneven substrates can be sealed. Finally, 2-3 coats can be applied over the entire surface to completely cover the sealing tape with the waterproofing coating.

Dimensions and intended use

The sealing tape is available in a length of 50 metres per roll and a width of 120 mm. It is ideal for sealing under tiles and ceramic coverings in combination with primer and liquid foil.

However, the sealing tape can not only be used indoors, but is also suitable for outdoor use. It protects against moisture penetration and thus offers an ideal solution for balconies, terraces and other damp environments. The sealing tape is very resistant and robust and thus offers a durable sealing solution even in heavily used areas.

Thanks to the excellent bond adhesion of the sealing tape to cementitious thin-bed mortars and liquid bonded waterproofing, it offers a reliable and durable waterproofing solution for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas. Moisture and water can quickly cause damage to walls and floors and promote mould growth. The joint sealant tape prevents moisture penetration with its water vapour retardant properties, providing a long-lasting, effective seal.

Length: 50 m roll
Width: 120 mm


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