Tub sealing set


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The isolera tub sealing set is for universal sealing of shower and bath tubs made of enamelled steel and plastic.

Isolera tub sealing set contains a highly elastic sealing tape made of tested composite sealing system. The fleece coating enables an excellent bond with all sealing materials used under tiles. The self-adhesive butyl strip adheres to smooth and dense surfaces, e.g. of metals, plastics, enamel, painted surfaces, glass, etc. The self-adhesive sound insulation strip is used for sound decoupling, e.g. at bathtub edges after applying isolera bathtub sealing tape. The butyl stick can be used to form round corners to a nearly right-angled corner, e.g. at tub edge corners.


1 x bath tub sealing tape DB SK 10 m

1 x sound insulation strip 10 m

6 x butyl sticks


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