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The isolera bathtub sealing set is the ideal solution for safely sealing enamelled steel and plastic shower trays and bathtubs. This set contains everything you need to professionally seal your tub and protect it from moisture.

The highly elastic sealing tape made of tested composite sealing system is the core of this set. It has a fleece coating that provides excellent adhesion with all waterproofing materials used under tiles. This means you don’t have to worry about whether your tub is properly waterproofed – you can be sure it is.

The self-adhesive butyl strip is particularly useful as it adheres to smooth and dense surfaces. You can apply it to metal, plastic, enamel, painted surfaces, glass and many other materials. The self-adhesive soundproofing strip is specially designed for sound decoupling on tub edges and provides extra stability.

The six butyl sticks are the perfect tool for forming round corners. When you apply the isolera tub sealing tape to the tub edge corners, you can use these sticks to form almost right-angled corners. This ensures that your bathtub is completely sealed and that no moisture can penetrate.

Overall, the isolera bathtub sealing kit offers a simple but very effective way to professionally seal your shower or bathtub. It is easy to install and provides reliable results. Use this kit and you can be sure that your tub will be permanently protected from moisture.


1 x tub sealing tape DB SK 10 m

1 x Sound insulation strip 10 m

6 x butyl sticks


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