Bitumen Coating 2K


2,30 / kg

delivery time: 2-3 Days

Outer seal BITUMEN COATING 2K 2K-plastic modified bitumen thick coating (KMB), fiber reinforced, according to DIN 18195.

Isolera bitumen thick coating 2K is a two-component, fiber-reinforced and plastic-coated bitumen thick coating based on a bitumen emulsion (component A) and a cementitious reaction powder (component B). The product is absolutely solvent-free. By adding the reaction powder to the bitumen emulsion, a reaction is created which provides early rainfastness and a faster drying process. By Evaporation of the water content in the emulsion results in a solid, highly elastic and waterproof building seal after thorough drying. The paste-like and stable setting of the material enables the application of high layer thicknesses in one operation using the spray and putty method. Isolera bitumen thick coating 2K is not re-emulsifiable, even with prolonged water contact. In addition, it is usually in the ground opposite resistant media.

30 kg

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