Bitumen Coating 2C


2,80 / kg

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isolera bitumen thick coating 2C is used for the production of exterior waterproofing of buildings in areas in contact with the ground. The product is suitable for use on horizontal/horizontal and on vertical/vertical surfaces. In addition, it can be used as intermediate waterproofing (under cement floors) of floor slabs, balconies and terraces as well as for bonding rigid foam insulation boards.

isolera bitumen thick coating 2C is a two-component, fibre-reinforced and plastic-modified bitumen thick coating based on a bitumen emulsion (component A) and a cement-bound reaction powder (component B). The product is absolutely solvent-free.

By adding the reaction powder to the bitumen emulsion, a reaction occurs that causes early rain resistance and a faster drying process. Evaporation of the water components in the emulsion results in a firm, highly elastic and watertight structural waterproofing after through-drying. The pasty and stable setting of the material allows the application of high layer thicknesses in one operation using the spraying and troweling method.

It is not reemulsifiable, even in case of prolonged water contact. Furthermore, it is resistant to media usually found in the soil. The material adheres to all dry and slightly moist, mineral substrates, as well as bituminous substrates.

30 kg



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