Butyl sealing tape


6,20 / m

delivery time: 2-3 days

Butyl sealing tape  is a self-adhesive, fleece-coated sealing tape for permanently elastic joint sealing under ceramic coverings. A fleece-coated, alkali-resistant, permanently elastic butyl sealing tape with high adhesive and tear resistance. The fleece coating enables an excellent bond with all sealing materials used under tiles, such as polymer dispersions, mineral, flexible sealing slurries and reaction resin sealants. It is used for forming corners and for bridging joints in composite waterproofing. For use in composite waterproofing on balconies, loggias and arcades in accordance with DIN 18531 and indoors in accordance with DIN 18534. Suitable for all moisture stress classes.

width: 250 mm
Length: 10 m



technical data sheet


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