Epoxy Mortar EP-E 200


1,90 / kg

delivery time: 2-3 days

Epoxy resin mortar EP-E 200 is an epoxy resin-bound screed for low layer thicknesses for levelling joints, holes and height differences.

It is a universally applicable screed consisting of special sand and epoxy resin binder, which is ready for laying after only 24 hours and suitable for all conventional coverings as well as coatings. Can also be used for wooden subfloors, such as chipboard and wooden floorboards, or underfloor heating systems with a pipe covering of at least 2 cm.

The contents of the enclosed 2-component binder are added to the premixed special sand mixture and intensively mixed using an agitator or compulsory mixer. After installation, the screed is compacted and smoothed.

Properties Epoxy resin mortar:
high vapour diffusion capacity
Suitable for underfloor heating
Suitable for interior and exterior use

Delivery form:
25 kg special sand
1 kg 2-component binder EP-E 200


data sheet

hazard information component A

hazard information component B


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