Injection pump IP2


delivery time: 2-3 days

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Injection pump IP2

2 K gel system with hose package and mixing unit

Injection pump for injection and grouting work with acrylate gels.

It is used to seal cracks and holes in concrete, masonry and other building materials. The pump is used for sealing basements against backwater and seepage water, building renovation, crack injection, surface sealing of building components in contact with the ground, e.g. in tunnels, excavation pits or channels, horizontal moisture barriers against rising damp, structural waterproofing.

Mixing ratio 1:1
Pressure ratio 25:1
Delivery rate per double stroke 80 ccm
Max. Pressure 200 bar
Max. Air inlet pressure 8 bar

consisting of:
Dosing pump 80.25 R
Flushing pump 14.33 R
Maintenance unit
Holder for suction line
Height-adjustable chassis
Suction line
Material outlet with return and pressure gauge
Mixing unit with hose whip
Sliding coupling
Stroke counter

Stainless steel version


data sheet

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