Injection pump IP 1


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Injection pump IP 1 for sealing basements against backwater and seepage water, horizontal moisture barriers against rising damp or surface sealing of components in contact with the ground, such as in tunnels, in excavation pits or in channels, and for consolidating the soil.

The injection pump IP 1 is supplied complete with a 7.5 m high-pressure injection hose and an injection lance with a 4-jaw injection coupling.
It is equipped with a filling funnel for approx. 6l injection material.
The complete unit is mounted on a robust frame.

The pump is easy to operate and transport and therefore also ideal for working on scaffolds, in shafts or in tunnels.
The injection pressure is infinitely adjustable.
The advantage of air-driven piston pumps compared to electric diaphragm pumps is that the pump stops when the injection point is filled. The slower stroke speed allows the operator to see how far the injection process has progressed.


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