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Reliable sealing with the FDB Flex sealing tape

The highly elastic sealing tape FDB Flex based on a special rubber with a knitted edge protruding on both sides is the ideal solution for reliable sealing under tiles and ceramic coverings. The FDB Flex sealing tape is characterised by its high resilience and is absolutely silicone-compatible. Thanks to the knitted edge, it is easy and quick to apply. Matching inner and outer corners as well as wall and floor sleeves are available to ensure perfect sealing in wet rooms and damp areas.

Simple processing for optimum results

The application of the sealing tape is very simple: it only has to be cut to the required length and embedded in the still fresh coating. Make sure that the sealing tapes overlap by at least 5 cm. Any unevenness or warping can be easily adjusted with a smoothing trowel. Finally, apply 2 to 3 coats of paint over the entire surface, whereby the FDB Flex sealing tape should be completely covered with the sealing coating.

Effective protection against moisture

The joint sealing tape offers an excellent way to effectively seal moisture and water and thus prevent mould and moisture damage. It is suitable for use in all damp rooms such as bathrooms, showers or laundry rooms. With its knitted edge, the sealing tape is particularly robust and resistant, ensuring a long service life. A perfect solution for anyone looking for a simple and reliable sealing option.

Optimal solution for wet rooms and damp areas

Overall, the knitted reinforced joint sealing tape is a reliable solution for anyone looking for an effective sealing option. It offers easy application and a long service life. With matching accessories such as inside corners and outside corners as well as wall and floor sleeves, perfect sealing in wet rooms and damp areas is guaranteed.

Length: 50 m roll
Width: 120 mm


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