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A wall sleeve is a permanently elastic and waterproof seal that has been specially developed for use in damp rooms. It is made of rubber and has a knitted insert. This enables excellent adhesion with many waterproofing materials used under tiles.

When waterproofing damp areas such as bathrooms and showers, choosing the right waterproofing material is of great importance. This can prevent long-term damage to the building fabric. In order to seal pipe penetrations at shower and bathtub fittings under ceramic coverings, the use of a wall sleeve is recommended.

Thanks to its material combination, the wall sleeve is ideal for use with primers, liquid foil, polymer dispersions and mineral elastic sealing slurries as well as reaction resin sealants. In this way, a permanent, watertight seal can be achieved in the wall area for pipe penetrations on shower and bathtub fittings under ceramic coverings.

In addition to sealing pipe penetrations, the use of a wall sleeve or other sealing sleeves is also an effective method of preventing moisture penetration in bathrooms and showers and thus avoiding structural damage. The wall sleeve can stop moisture and ensure a long-lasting seal.

Overall, the wall sleeve is an ideal solution for quickly and effectively sealing pipe penetrations on shower and bath fittings under ceramic coverings in damp rooms such as bathrooms and showers. It provides excellent adhesion with other waterproofing materials. It provides a permanent, watertight seal that prevents moisture penetration and thus structural damage.

Dimensions: 120 x 120 mm


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