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Effective waterproofing of wet rooms

This bathroom system waterproofing consists of a primer, liquid film, sealing tape, prefabricated sleeves and corners. It is ready to use and can be painted, trowelled and rolled. When set, it is waterproof and silicone compatible, which means it is perfect for use in damp rooms. The system is also fast drying and odourless.

Properties and areas of application

Waterproofing damp areas such as bathrooms and showers is one of the most important tasks when installing tiles and ceramic coverings. Without effective waterproofing, moisture can penetrate the walls, cause mould growth and cause long-term damage to the building fabric. For this reason, it is of great importance to find a solution that avoids these problems. One such solution is isolera’s solvent-free, highly flexible, silicone-compatible system waterproofing.

Simple processing

What’s more, the bathroom system sealant is very easy to apply and can be used by experienced craftsmen and DIYers alike.


Consisting of:

2 l primer

5 kg Elastogum

10 m sealing tape FDB flex

2 inner corners FDB flex

2 wall sleeves FDB flex



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